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 Tactical BlueTooth Throat Mic

The World First Tactical Bluetooth Throat Mic

Samson Telecommunications and Electronics Ltd. is proud to present The World First Tactical Bluetooth Throat Mic. ( TBTM ) to you. It is a device that combines both Bluetooth and Military Tactical Throat Mic. technologies for commercial and industrial uses.

TBTM enable you to enjoy the effective and clear communication even in extremely noisy environment. TBTM designed with a leather neck belt holding two Tactical Throat Microphone and a Bluetooth unit. When you speaking, TBTM will pick up the vibration from your vocal cord rather than the air vibration signals from your mouth and the environment. Therefore, TBTM will only transmit your voice through the Bluetooth to your mobile phone or radio, the background noises are almost totally eliminated.

TBTM applicable to all type of sport - motorcycling,skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, skateboarding, fishing, hunting, cycling, paintball and airsoft game.

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